Summer Tips 2015

Summer Beauty Trends 2015~
Minimal makeup, light brows and sun-kissed skin.


Biggest summer makeup mistakes?
Wearing too much makeup!!! Lets look natural this summer ladies. Stop looking like your face is going to melt off! Some times less is more!
Summer time make up is really about strategy, not quantity!

Beauty Concealer tip
To avoid lighter concealer in photos, don’t use concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation. Use all the same color. This way it will not accentuate it and bounce off of the flash.

What lip, cheek and eye colors should we opt for during the warmer months?
Eyes — bronzes, taupes, browns.
Lips- baby pinks, wet nudes, and a light gloss
Cheeks- bronzes and baby pinks.

Summer glow?
I love using bronze shimmer to highlight your face and body to get that fresh summer glow.