Men’s Waxing at OLS


It is a connotation that hair removal is something that is really painful. Although some treatments will be more painful than others, there are remedies to achieving a painless wax. One suggestion is to apply numbing creams to the area getting waxed, and the other is to take an ibuprofen 20 to 30 minutes prior to your wax appointment. In reality, it is very normal to experience some pain when getting a wax. But don’t let the scene from 40 year old virgin deter you. IT’S NOT THAT BAD!! The more consistent you are with your waxing sessions, the faster and less painful your experience will be.

Most Popular Male Waxing at OLS~
Brows and Nose~ $28
Full Back~ $55
Full Chest~$55

**We do not administer the male brazilian. Sorry for any inconvenience! xoxo