Beauty Bar Services


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Wax Services

  • Eye Brow Touch up (F) $20 (M) $22
  • Nose (F) $12 (M) $18
  • Lip (F) $12
  • Chin (F) $12
  • Face (Cheeks, upper lip, brows,chin) (F) $45
  • Chest & Stomach (M) $55
  • Full Back (M) $55
  • half Back (M) $40
  • Under Arm (F) $25 (M) $30
  • Half Arm (F) $30 (M) $35
  • Full Arm (F) $40 (M) $45
  • Tummy Line (F) $10 (M) $15
  • Bikini Wax (F) $35
  • Brazilian Wax (F)$50
  • Buttox (F)$25 (M)$35
  • Inner Thigh (F) $15
  • Half Leg (F) $40 (M) $45
  • Full Leg (F) $65 (M) $70
  • **(M)=Male (F)=Female**
  • Vajazzle &/or Body Art

    • Add on a Vajazzle to any Wax $14
    • Made with real Swarovski Crystals
    • What is Vajazzling? Check out FAQ’s!

    Customized Facials

    • All of our facials are performed with the use of Bioelements skin care line and are custom to your specific skin type.
  • Basic Mini Facial $65.00
  • Treatment time: 30 minutes

    Our mini facial is a quick fix facial designed to decrease redness, kill bacteria, and diminish your blemish!

  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $85.00
  • Treatment time: 45 minutes

    This facial is designed to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and soften and encourage cellular renewal.

  • Pumice Peel $115.00
  • Treatment time: 1 hour

    Our signature facial. After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, your esthetician will utilize a technique that uses micro crystals to exfoliate the deeper levels of the epidermis. This technique will leave your skin feeling tight, young, smooth and fresh.

  • Enzyme Therapy Treatment $105.00
  • Treatment time: 1 hour

    A powerful and highly effective facial to boost cell regeneration and give an instantly smooth, softly glowing complexion.

  • Flaxx-C Anti-aging Facial $115.00
  • Treatment time: 1 hour

    A deep cleanse with the use of our intense enzyme peel to deeply exfoliate the skin, followed by a firming mask containing Vitamin C which will nourish and tighten the face cells. This will give the skin a more plump and firm appearance.

        Add On Facial Treatments~

      • Hand Massage~ While enjoying your facial, a ten minute hand massage can be administered to add to your relaxing experience. $15.00
      • High Frequency/ Tesla Electric Modality~ This is a glass electrode that utilizes alternating or sinusoidal current to produce a mild to strong heat effect. This helps to kill the acne causing bacteria.$20.00

    Air Brush Spray Tan~

    • At Our Little Secret, we use an all natural, botanical ingredient, spray tan system. There are no alcohols, dyes, or artificial colors, leaving the skin moist and looking sun-kissed (not orange!).
    • What to expect? We use a very efficient technique and top of the line technology to guarantee our airbrush spray tan will only take 10 minutes. Depending on your preference of tan-lines, it is optional to spray tan with or with out your undergarments.
      To prepare for your spray tan and get the best results, please do the following:
    • Shower, shave & exfoliate
    • No lotions or moisturizers
    • Spa treatments & wax before hand
    • Wear loose fitting clothing

    After spray tan instructions and for best results, please do the following:

    • Wait 6 hours after your spray tan to take a shower and/or work out. This is the length of time your spray tan takes to darken to its full color.
    • Use lotion frequently. This will help the spray tan evenly leave the skin over the course of 7-10 days.

    We Offer 4 Beautiful Tan Colors:

    • Level 1
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
    • Level 4

    Price List Women~

    • $40 for 1 treatment
    • $20 for Legs (waist line and down)
    • $20 for Arms, Chest & Stomach, Back,  Neck and Face (waist line and up)
    • $10 for Neck & Face

    Price List Men~

    • $45 for 1 treatment
    • $25 for Legs (waist line and down)
    • $25 for Arms, Chest & Stomach, Back, Neck and Face (waist line and up)
    • $12 for Neck & Face