Air Brush Spray Tan


What is an Air Brush Spray Tan?

Airbrush tanning works by changing the pigment color of the first layer of skin on a person, which is actually dead skin. The dye does is not harmful to any layers of skin beyond the first layer of dead skin; therefore this is one of the safest solutions to sunless tanning. We use a very efficient technique and top of the line technology to guarantee our airbrush spray tan will only take 10 minutes. . Airbrush tanning is much more efficient and professional than spray tanning is. Airbrush tans are applied by professionals; therefore the tan will be evenly distributed all over the body. Airbrush tans unlike spray on tans have very little room for error as they are not self applied.

What Ingredients are used?

At Our Little Secret, we use an all natural, botanical ingredient, spray tan system. There are no alcohols, dyes, or artificial colors, leaving the skin moist and looking sun-kissed (not orange!).

How often should I get an Air Brush Spray Tan?

You can get an airbrush spray tan as often as 1 per week. Just make sure you prep yourself correctly for best results.

What should I wear when I get Spray Tanned?

Depending on your preference of tan-lines, it is optional to spray tan with or with out your undergarments. (Men must keep underwear on)

How do I prepare my skin for an Air Brush Spray Tan?

    To prepare for your spray tan and get the best results, please do the following:
  • Shower, shave & exfoliate
  • No lotions or moisturizers
  • Spa treatments & wax before hand
  • Wear loose fitting clothing

How do I make my Air Brush Spray Tan last the longest?

After spray tan instructions and for best results, please do the following:

  • Wait 6 hours after your spray tan to take a shower and/or work out. This is the length of time your spray tan takes to darken to its full color.
  • Use lotion frequently. This will help the spray tan evenly leave the skin over the course of 7-10 days.

What colors does OLS have and how do I know which color will look good on me?

We Offer 4 Beautiful Tan Colors:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

We have a wonderful staff who listen to your request and will chose a color that will best suit you.

Am I going to smell after?

Our tanning solution is almond scented and will decrease in smell after your first shower!

Do you have mobile tanning Available?

  • Mobile Spray Tan Available (5 person minimum) $125 & up*
  • *By appointment only plus $1.50/mile

    Do you have a Membership Program?

    Tasty Tanning Membership Program
    Women $79 per month; Men $89 per month includes:

    • Unlimited Air brush spray tans